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Unsuitability of the assay for cell-mediated lympholysis in inbred mice for H-Y antigen determination of human cells


This study examined the H-Y-specific in vitro restimulation of splenocytes from in vivo intraperitoneally (i.p.) primed C57B1/6 (B6) female mice. In vivo priming was carried out with human male or female fibroblasts or peripheral blood lymphocytes, respectively. It was attempted to measure the in vitro H-Y-specific activity by cell-mediated lympholysis and by cell proliferation. 3[H]Thymidine incorporation was determined in mixed lymphocyte cultures (MLCs) of xenogenetic primed female splenocytes (responder cells) and of syngeneic lethally irradiated male splenocytes (stimulator cells). The xenogenic H-Y presentation by in vivo sensitization did not induce in the in vitro restimulation system an H-Y-specific cell proliferation or in the effector phase the generation of H-Y-specific killer cells. The assay for celimediated lympholysis and lymphocyte proliferation after xenogeneic priming and syngeneic in vitro restimulation is, thus, not suitable for H-Y testing of human cells.

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