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DNA-replication of spi mutants of bacteriophage λ in recombination-deficient bacteria

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Phage λimm 21 c spi infecting recA cells gives a burst of 6 progeny phages compared to 120 in rec + cells. Parental λspi DNA is not degraded in recA cells. The synthesis of early replication products is enhanced by a factor of 2 yielding 30 closed circular progeny DNA molecules per cell compared to 15 in the control. These DNA supercoils include 9% of dimer molecules under red recA and red rec + conditions. On the other hand, the formation of linear phage DNA molecules in recA cells is reduced by a factor of 5 to 6, if compared to λspi DNA in rec + and λspi + DNA in recA cells, respectively. The specific biological activity of these linear molecules in the helper phage assay system is unimpaired. Intermediates of late λspi replication under recA conditions are supposed to be the unprotected targets of the action of the recB + recC + nuclease.

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