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Sequence analysis of two null-mutant alleles of the single Arabidopsis Adh locus


Data presented in this paper deal with a further molecular characterization of 2 out of 32 EMS-induced Arabidopsis ADH null mutants that we isolated previously. In order to localize and characterize each mutation at the molecular level, we have cloned and completely sequenced the R002 and R006 null mutant alleles. For mutant R002, which does not contain any detectable levels of ADH protein and mRNA, we have found that the mutation is due to a single C to T base pair substitution in the reading frame; this leads to the incorporation of a TAG stop codon (amber nonsense mutation). For mutant R006, which contains normal levels of inactive protein and mRNA levels, we found a G to A base pair transition. This gives rise to a Cys to Tyr amino acid substitution in the active site of the ADH enzyme.

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cross-reacting material


2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid




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