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The rapid expansion of a turbulent boundary layer in a supersonic flow

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Rapid Distortion Approximations (RDA) may be used to simplify the Reynolds stress equations in rapidly distorted flows, as suggested by Dussauge and Gaviglio (1987). These approximations neglect diffusive and dissipative terms while retaining the production and pressure terms. The retained terms are then modeled as functions of the Reynolds stress tensor and gradients of the mean flow. The models for the pressure-strain term as developed by Lumley (1978) and Shih and Lumley (1985) are evaluated by comparing the calculated results with experimental data for the case of a Mach 2.84 turbulent boundary layer in a 20° centered expansion. The agreement between computed and experimentally obtained Reynolds stresses was found to be encouraging.

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Dedicated to Professor J.L. Lumley on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

This work was supported by the U.S. Air Force under AFOSR Contract 89-0420. Monitored by Dr. James McMichael.

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