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Ontogeny of enhancing factor in mouse intestines and skin

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Enhancing Factor (EF) is a 14 kDa protein isolated from mouse small intestines, which enhances the binding of 125I-EGF to A431 cells. This observation as well as our earlier in vitro studies have indicated that EF is a modulator of EGF. In adult mice, localization of EF by immunohistochemistry shows it is present pre-dominantly in the Paneth cells of the small intestines and to a lesser extent in the stomach and colon. This study of the ontogeny of EF shows that the appearance of the protein coincides with the appearance of mature Paneth cells. In new born mouse skin EF is localized in the hair follicles in the first hair cycle from day 2 to day 8. It is however absent in the adult skin. Thus EF is associated with tissues which have a high growth rate.

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