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An operon for histidine biosynthesis in Streptomyces coelicolor

II. Biochemical evidence


In order to demonstrate that a cluster of five his genes (eight cistrons) on the circular chromosome of S. coelicolor is an operon, a constitutive mutant was characterized biochemically, and some aspects of enzyme repression were studied.

The specific activities of three enzymes, two of which coded by genes of the his cluster and one specified by a his gene located far from the his cluster, were tested under different repression and derepression conditions and at various times of grwoth in a constitutive his mutant, in two leaky his mutants and in the wild type strains of S. coelicolor.

The results of such investigations demonstrate that the constitutive mutant is derepressed exclusively for the synthesis of enzymes coded by genes of the his cluster; moreover only the synthesis of such enzymes takes place in a strictly coordinate way, suggesting that the his cluster behaves as a single unit of expression and regulation.

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