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A new α2HS-glycoprotein typing by isoelectric focusing

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Isoelectric focusing (pH 4.0–5.0) of serum α2HS-glycoprotein on polyacrylamide gels has been found to be a useful tool in population genetics and forensic science. Using this method, we isolated three common types, α2HS 1-1, α2HS 2-1 and α2HS 2-2, and showed that α2HS types are determined by two autosomal codominant alleles, α2 HS 1 and α2 HS 2. The method is simple, fast and easy to perform. Results of typing for the two alleles, α2 HS 1 and α2 HS 2, are described for a Japanese population sample (n=1003).

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Umetsu, K., Kashimura, S., Ikeda, N. et al. A new α2HS-glycoprotein typing by isoelectric focusing. Hum Genet 67, 70–71 (1984).

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