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Isolation of protoplasts and regeneration of callus from suspension cultures of cultivated beets


Conditions necessary for the isolation and culture of protoplasts from suspension cultures of sugar, fodder and garden beets were investigated. Good yields of protoplasts were obtained by treating cells with a mixture of cellulase, Macerozyme and Driselase enzymes. Nutritional requirements of beet protoplasts were found to be quite simple: protoplasts could be cultured in MS, B5 or PGo based media with 0.4 M glucose with the optimum result being produced on KM8p medium. Plating efficiency (P.E) was genotype-dependent with the sugar beet giving better P.E. than the fodder or garden beets used, and higher values being achieved with the use of desalted Driselase for isolation followed by culture on KMBp medium.

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2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid


N6 benzylaminopurine


naphthaleneacetic acid


plating efficiency


University of Birmingham beet germplasm accession number


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Correspondence to B. V. Ford-Lloyd.

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Communicated by B. L. Miflin

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Bhat, S.R., Ford-Lloyd, B.V. & Callow, J.A. Isolation of protoplasts and regeneration of callus from suspension cultures of cultivated beets. Plant Cell Reports 4, 348–350 (1985).

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  • Glucose
  • Sugar
  • Cellulase
  • Suspension Culture
  • Sugar Beet