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Clonal propagation of Leptospermum spp. by tissue culture

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Propagation by axillary and multiple axillary bud development was achieved in three native Leptospermum spp. when axillary buds derived from nodal tissues ex mature plants were placed in benzylaminopurine media (0.04–1.0 μM) containing macro- and micro-nutrients, sucrose (0.06 M) and a vitamin/amino acid supplement. Reduction of agar concentration from 0.8 to 0.2% greatly stimulated axillary bud development and growth in L. flavescens and L. brachyandrum. Rooting of axillary shoots was stimulated by 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and p-chlorophenoxy acetic acid in L. flavescens at concentrations of 5 and 1 μM respectively. In L. petersonii ssp. root initiation and development was favoured by β-naphthoxyacetic acid (1 μM) and in L. brachyandrum indole butyric acid and α-naphthalene acetic acid (1 μM) were almost equally effective.

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Communicated by I.K. Vasil

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Shipton, W.A., Jackes, B.R. Clonal propagation of Leptospermum spp. by tissue culture. Plant Cell Reports 5, 5–8 (1986).

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