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Sterols in seeds and leaves of oats (Avena sativa L.)


In seeds and leaves of oats (Avena sativa L.) 12 different sterols (cholesterol, cholstanol, Δ7-cholestenol, campesterol, campestanol, stigmasterol, lophenol, sitosterol, stigmastanol, Δ5-avenasterol, Δ7-avenasterol and Δ7-stigmastenol) have been identified. The sterol pattern is qualitatively the same, but the relative composition is different in leaves and in seeds. Leaves contain mainly sitosterol, stigmasterol, cholesterol and campesterol, but only minor portions of avenasterols. Seeds contain sitosterol, Δ5- and Δ7-avenasterol, campesterol, but only minor amounts of stigmasterol and cholesterol. In leaf lipids 1-hexacosanol (2.35 wt % of total lipid) has also been identified.

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