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Polyribosomes of Escherichia coli

I. Isolation of polysomes from a complex of DNA and membrane

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The distribution of pulse labeled RNA, pulse labeled protein, soluble enzyme (β-galactosidase) and polyribosomes between low speed (10 min 20000xg) supernatant and pellet of E. coli lysates was examined. This distribution was greatly changed by addition of deoxyribonuclease to the lysing medium. Large amounts of polysomes sedimented with DNA at low centrifugal forces. A complex of membrane, DNA, polyribosomes and RNA polymerase could be separated from unlysed cells by surcrose gradient centrifugation. The polysomes present in this complex (Polysomes II) were separated from the polysomes which were found in the “cytoplasma” (Polysomes I). Polysomes II contain very few ribosomal subunits and 70S ribosomes.

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