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Chromosomal behavior of anther culture derived plants of rice

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Cytological examination of anther-culture-derived plants of rice showed that the regenerants were predominantly diploids and haploids. Haploid meiosis indicated that the earlier hypothesis of rice being an ancient polyploid is unlikely. Diploids generally were normal and fertile. The low frequency of polyploids (1.5%) probably was due to rapid regeneration of plants from short term callus cultures.

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Correspondence to F. J. Zapata.

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Communicated by I. K. Vasil

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Mercy, S.T., Zapata, F.J. Chromosomal behavior of anther culture derived plants of rice. Plant Cell Reports 5, 215–218 (1986). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00269123

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  • Callus Culture
  • Anther Culture
  • Cytological Examination
  • Chromosomal Behavior
  • Early Hypothesis