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Comparative greenhouse study of Eucalyptus grandis in vitro plantlets and half-sib seedlings, II. Dry matter accumulation and relative distribution

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In vitro directly micropropagated plantlets from three selected five-year-old Eucalyptus grandis Hill ex. Maiden hybrids were compared to their related half-sib seedlings for growth and growth pattern parameters under greenhouse conditions used for operational seedling production. The oven dry weights were determined from stem, leaf, and root samples collected every 40 days for four times. Relative growth rate, net assimilation rates and shoot:root ratio were calculated. Survival was 98% and 95% for plantlets and seedlings, respectively. Significant differences were observed between parents in terms of shoot and root dry weights and their ratios with similar ranking among plantlets and seedlings, suggesting genetic control over these traits. Plantlets started with significantly higher root: shoot ratios and stem, leaf, root, and total dry weight. Although seedlings had higher relative growth and net assimilation rates, all the initial differences decreased sharply over time.

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Correspondence to M. S. Lesney.

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Communicated by J. M. Widholm

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Warrag, E.I., Lesney, M.S. & Rockwood, D.L. Comparative greenhouse study of Eucalyptus grandis in vitro plantlets and half-sib seedlings, II. Dry matter accumulation and relative distribution. Plant Cell Reports 8, 500–503 (1989).

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