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Recovery of somatic embryos and plantlets from protoplast cultures of Larix × eurolepis


Somatic embryos and plantlets were regenerated from protoplasts of hybrid larch (Larix × eurolepis) isolated from two embryogenic callus and cell suspension culture lines (L1 and L2). L2, which was highly embryogenic, consistently yielded protoplasts that gave rise to somatic embryos. Centrifugation on a discontinuous medium/Percoll density gradient resulted in accumulation of embryogenic protoplasts in one of the Percoll interfaces. First division frequencies were in the range of 28–39% in line 1 and 18–20% in line 2 in both liquid and agarose-solidified culture media. The critical factor in maintaining high viability of cultures was lowering of osmotic pressure by dilution of the initial medium. The first somatic embryos were detected in 23- to 28-day-old cultures. Some of these developed into plants that were transferred to soil.

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