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Use of RP4-prime plasmids constructed in vitro to promote a polarized transfer of the chromosome in Escherichia coli and Rhizobium meliloti


RP4-prime plasmids containing chromosomal fragments of either Escherichia coli or Rhizobium meliloti were constructed in vitro. When introduced into E. coli or R. meliloti respectively, they promoted a polarized transfer of the chromosome as demonstrated either by the gradient of transfer of various markers or by the study of the genetic constitution of recombinants. In E. coli, mobilization was shown to be dependent upon the presence of a functional rec A system. Inheritance of markers was due to their integration into the chromosome of the recipient as shown by the need for a functional rec A system in the recipient E. coli or by mobilization of recessive markers in R. meliloti. The system described could be applied to genetic mapping in any Gram negative bacteria.

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