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Untersuchungen über Phagenlysozym

IV. Die molekulare Ursache des kälteempfindlichen Phänotyps der Mutante cseBU56 des Phagen T4D: Der Aminosäureaustausch Tyrosin 88 → Histidin

Studies on phage lysozyme

IV. The molecular cause of the cold-sensitive phenotype of the phage T4D mutant cseBU56: the amino acid substitution tyrosine 88 → histidine

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The structural basis of the cold-sensitive phenotype of the mutant cseBU56 is the amino acid substitution tyrosine 88 → histidine, resulting from a point mutation in the lysozyme gene of phage T4D. This was demonstrated by peptide mapping, taking into account the mechanism of bromouracil mutagenesis.

The effect of the amino acid substitution is discussed: A direct relationship exists between structural alteration, increased energy of activation of lysozyme reaction and elevated minimal temperature of growth of the cs-mutant compared to that of the wild type.

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