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Regulation of carotene synthesis in Phycomyces


Threeindependent mutations of Phycomyces blakesleeanus resulting in overaccumulation of β-carotene are recessive and belong to the same complementation group. The corresponding gene has been named carS. Evidence is presented that gene carS is not the same as gene carA, previously defined by mutations blocking carotene production. Vitamin A increases carotenogenesis in wild types and in carS mutants to about the same extent. Intersexual heterokaryosis increases carotenogenesis most prominently in carS genetic backgrounds (up to 300 times the production of the wild type in the same conditions). Vitamin A, intersexual heterokaryosis and carS mutations are thought to stimulate carotenogenesis through different mechanisms. It is suggested that the carS gene product participates in end-product regulation of the pathway.

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