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A single server queue with mixed types of interruptions

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The single server M/G/1 queue subject to Poisson interruptions has many useful applications in computer systems modeling. The interruptions are usually characterized by their type of service-preemption discipline. This paper deals with this model in its most general setting, allowing the simultaneous presence of all types of interruptions that may be encountered in real systems. Inspite of the inherent complexity of the analysis, it is possible to derive analytic closed form expressions for interesting performance measures. The results obtained are of theoretical interest as well as of practical significance. In particular, we derive the Laplace Stieltjes transform of the completion time associated with a customer's Śervice and obtain the steady-state average number of customers in the system. An application to the modeling of checkpointing and recovery in a transactional system is considered.

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This work was supported in part by Air Force Office of Scientific Research under grant AFOSR-84-0132, by the Army Research Office under contract DAAG29-84-K0045 and by the National Science Foundation under grant MCS-830200

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