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Selection and characterisation of mutants lacking arginase in Neurospora crassa

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A Neurospora mutant (aga) lacking arginase was selected by virtue of its inability to utilize arginine as a source of ornithine, using a strain in which ornithine was needed to satisfy a proline requirement. It mapped in linkage group VII (right arm), close to wc. The most important characteristic of the mutant was its extreme sensitivity to arginine. Inclusion of 1 mM arginine in the medium lead to a 40-fold increase in the arginine pool and a 90% inhibition of growth. This inhibition was relieved by the addition of ornithine or proline. The high arginine pool was associated with only a slight repression of two biosynthetic enzymes examined and with a five-fold induction of ornthine transaminase, the second enzyme of arginine catabolism. It is expected that the aga mutant will be of value in further work on the regulation of arginine biosynthesis in Neurospora.

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