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Le controle du développement des bactériophages tempérés

IV. Action spécifique du produit N au niveau d'une barrière de transcription

Control of development in temperate bacteriophages

IV. Specific action of N product at a transcription stop signal

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Viable recombinants having the (N-im) region of ϕ80 and the (P-R) region of λ can be isolated from crosses between ϕ80 and λ, but only if the λ parent carries a byp mutation.

It is suggested that the transcriptional terminator t R 2located between genes P and Q can be bypassed only in the presence of Nλ product and not in the presence of N ϕ80 product.

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Les numéros I, II et III de cette série sont respectivement Thomas, 1966. Dambly, Couturier et Thomas, 1968. Thomas, 1970.

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