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Early blocked asporogenous mutants of Bacillus subtilis 168

I. Isolation and characterization of mutants resistant to antibiotic(s) produced by sporulating Bacillus subtilis 168


A number of mutants (abs)-resistant to antibiotic(s) produced by sporulating Bacillus subtilis 168 have been isolated from an early blocked asporogenous mutant (spoA12). At least four classes were recognized according to their phenotypic properties. Genetic analysis has shown that these mutants were neither partial revertants nor suppressor mutants of the spoA gene. Both nonsense and missense mutants of the spoA gene are reverted partially by a secondary mutation which is resistant to antibiotic of B. subtilis 168. Another asporogenous mutant, spoB, whose locus is closely linked to pheA, is also affected by the same abs mutation. The nature of abs mutants is discussed.

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