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Genetics of oxidative phosphorylation: Allelism studies of mitochondrial loci in the PHO1—OLI2 region of the genome


In a search for new aerobic-growth deficiency mutations affecting mitochondrial energy-conservation two mit mutations, namely pho-8 and pho-9, have been isolated.

The two mutations are allelic with each other, but not allelic with the previously known pho1 mutations although close linkage is indicated.

Allelism studies define three distinct PHO loci clustered in this region which also includes the drugresistance loci OSS1, OLI2 and OLI4. The existence of phenotypically-distinct markers makes the region amenable to fine-structure mapping.

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Correspondence to William E. Lancashire.

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Communicated by F. Kaudewitz

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Darlison, M.G., Lancashire, W.E. Genetics of oxidative phosphorylation: Allelism studies of mitochondrial loci in the PHO1—OLI2 region of the genome. Molec. Gen. Genet. 180, 227–229 (1980).

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  • Oxidative Phosphorylation
  • Close Linkage
  • Mitochondrial Locus
  • Deficiency Mutation
  • Pho1 Mutation