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Hyper-recombination in uvrD mutants of Escherichia coli K-12

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A mutant strain of E. coli which was isolated initially because of its strong hyper-recombination phenotype was shown to carry a lesion in uvrD. The presence of this mutation, designated uvrD210, increased the frequency of recombination between chromosomal duplications in F-prime repliconant cells and reduced linkage between closely linked markers in crosses with Hfr donors. A comparable hyper-rec phenotype was demonstrated in strains carrying other alleles of uvrD previously referred to as mutU4, uvr502 and recL152. The recombination activity of a uvrD210 strain was abolished by mutation of recA but the mutator activity associated with this allele proved to be independent of recA. It is suggested that uvrD mutations reduce the fidelity of DNA replication and that the accumulation of lesions in the newly synthesized strand provides additional sites for initiating recombination.

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