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Relaxation of stable RNA synthesis by a plasmid-borne locus


The plasmid pMY3, which was constructed so as to express the Su+7 amber suppressor tRNA gene, also relaxes control of stable RNA synthesis in stringent cells. The relaxation is not growth medium or strain-dependent and does not occur in the presence of the vehicle alone. When expression of the effective sequence is diminished, in a lysogen of ϕ80d3ilv+Su+7, the sequence no longer affects RNA synthesis.

The relaxation is general, extending to all or almost all tRNA loci, including tRNAs located in the ribosomal spacer regions, and to all ribosomal RNAs. Relaxed plasmid-carrying strains are still able to elevate guanosine tetra- and penta-phosphate levels in response to amino acid starvation, but steady state levels are somewhat diminished. Aminoacyl-tRNA falls to control levels when the plasmid-carrying strain is deprived of amino acid. Therefore, the relaxed strain perceives amino acid starvation, but does not respond normally. These properties define a novel locus which relaxes stringent control.

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