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A site of action for tRNA mediated regulation of the ilvOEDA operon of Escherichia coli K12


Transfer RNA (tRNA), rho factor, threonine deaminase and the ilvO locus are molecular participants in the regulation of isoleucine-valine (ilv) biosynthesis. Isogenic strains have been constructed with the hisT76 mutation in pairwise combination with ilvO mutations, the rho221 mutation and the ilvDAC115 deletion mutation. The role of the altered tRNA of the hisT76 mutation was found to be independent of the sites of action of the ilvO - mutation, rho factor, and threonine deaminase. The expression of the ilvOEDA operon is stimulated 2-fold when the hisT76 mutation is present in strains containing either ilvO - or rho221 mutations. The expression of the ilvOEDA operon remains nonrepressed in a hisT76 strain deleted for threonine deaminase. These results indicate that the hisT76 undermodified tRNAs are influencing the initiation of transcription of the ilvOEDA operon.

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  • Escherichia Coli
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