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Immunocytochemical localization of albumin, transferrin, angiotensinogen and kininogens during the initial stages of the rat liver differentiation

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Rat albumin, transferrin, angiotensinogen, T kininogen (TKg) and high molecular weight kininogen (HKg) gene expression was examined immunocytochemically in embryonic and fetal livers. All these plasmatic proteins, angiotensinogen excepted, are detected as early as day 11 of gestation in intestine epithelial cells and embryonic hepatocytes. Angiotensinogen becomes expressible only at day 13 of gestation. During the early fetal period, the protein immunostaining increases strikingly in parallel with the hepatocyte differentiation. Albumin and transferrin are highly expressed comparatively to kininogens and angiotensinogen. For the first time, specific HKg is demonstrated in the rat liver.

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