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Immunohistochemical detection of c-fos proteins in cultured human glial cells — induction by cyclic AMP and phorbol ester

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The expression of c-fos protein in cultured human glial cells derived from the brain and spinal cord was investigated immunocytochemically. Primary cultures of fetal glial cells were maintained in culture for three weeks and deprived of animal sera for 22 h. The glial cell nature of the cells was ascertained by GFAP-immunoreactivity. Incubations with phorbol dibutyrate, 8-Br-cAMP and sodium nitroprusside representing signal transduction pathways of PKC, PKA and cyclic GMP kinase, respectively, were carried out for 60 and 120 min. The control serum-deprived cultures did not display c-fos protein immunoreactivity (c-fos-IR), whereas phobol dibutyrate incubation for 120 min induced strong c-fos-IR in the nuclei of both brain and spinal cord derived glial cells. Semiquantitative intensity measurements revealed a slight c-fos-IR induction after 8-Br-cAMP as well, but not after sodium nitroprusside. The observations suggest that c-fos protein is involved in PKC and PKA signal transduction in cultured human glial cells.

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