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Effects of nitrogen deposition on animal-mediated nitrogen mobilization in coniferous litter

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In microcosm studies the organic layers of coniferous forest soils show high nitrate and low ammonium mobilization, in accord with the presence of high numbers of autotrophic nitrifiers. The fungivorous collembolan Tomocerus minor (Lubbock) increases ammonium mobilization, probably through its excretion products, and has an indirect effect on nitrate mobilization. An input of N seems to have a negative effect on the number of nitrifiers and on nitrate mobilization; a decrease in N mobilization in the presence of T. minor is probably due to stimulation of microbial growth, which has an immobilizing effect.

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Key words

  • Nitrogen mobilization
  • Nitrogen deposition
  • Collembola
  • Coniferous forest soil
  • Tomocerus minor
  • Autotrophic nitrifiers