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Velocity and turbulence measurements in combustion systems

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A laser-Doppler velocimeter is used in the measurement of high-temperature gas flows. A two-stage fluidization particle generator provides magnesium oxide particles to serve as optical scattering centers. The one-dimensional dual-beam system is frequency shifted to permit measurements of velocities up to 300 meters per second and turbulence intensities greater than 100 percent.

Exiting flows from can-type gas turbine combustors and burners with pre-mixed oxy-acetylene flames are described in terms of the velocity, turbulence intensity, and temperature profiles.

The results indicate the influence of the combustion process on turbulence.

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A :

exit area of combustor or burner (m2)

A/F :

mass air-fuel ratio

D :

exit diameter of combustor or burner (m)

M :

mass flow rate of gases (kg/s)

N D :

number of Doppler bursts used in each velocity measurement

Q :

volumetric flow rate at T r (m3/s)

R :

exit radius of combustor or burner (m)

R 1/2 :

distance from centerline to radius where the velocity is one-half of the local centerline velocity (m)


exit Reynolds number based on cold flow, ϱQD/μA

r :

distance from centerline of flow (m)

T :

temperature (°C)

T CL :

centerline temperature (°C)

T r :

inlet (cold) air temperature of combustor or burner (°C)


turbulence intensity, \(\sqrt {\overline {u\prime ^2 } /\overline {U_{CL} } } \)

\(\overline U \) :

mean velocity (m/s)

U i :

instantaneous velocity individually realized by LDV (m/s)

\(\overline {U_{CL} } \) :

mean velocity at centerline of flow (m/s)

\(\overline {u\prime ^2 } \) :

mean square velocity fluctuation (m2/s2

x :

distance along centerline downstream of exit (m)


absolute viscosity at T r (kg/(ms))


density at T r (kg/m3)


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