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White-light speckle method for obtaining an equi-velocity map of a whole flow field

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The surface of a flow seeded with aluminium oxide particles is photographed with two pulsed illuminations of whitelight. When the resultant double-exposure specklegram is optically processed using a spatial filtering technique, an equivelocity pattern can be obtained. Especially, a coloured display of the pattern by the white-light reconstruction gives many useful informations about the flow state.

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Suzuki, M., Hosoi, K., Toyooka, S. et al. White-light speckle method for obtaining an equi-velocity map of a whole flow field. Experiments in Fluids 1, 79–81 (1983). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00266259

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  • Oxide
  • Aluminium
  • Flow Field
  • Flow State
  • Oxide Particle