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Isolation and characterization of anthocyanin variants originating from the unstable system an2-1 in Petunia hybrida (Hort.)

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Forty stable an2-n alleles, derived from the unstable system an2-1, have been tested for anthocyanin synthesis. All of them proved to be different from both the An2 and an2 natural alleles. Only two were distinct from the others which according to Duncan's multiple range test formed a group of overlapping populations. Amongst the variants isolated there was a large majority of light-coloured types. Regulation-like effects of the an2-n alleles on the subsequent genes of the anthocyanin pathway have been observed. A hypothesis concerning the nature of the genetic events occurring at the An2 locus is discussed.

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Key words

  • Petunia hybrida
  • Genetic instability
  • Anthocyanin synthesis
  • Allelic series