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Genetic and physiological influences on differentiation in tissue cultures of a legume, Lathyrus sativus

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Callus initiation and subsequent organogenetic potential in cultures of shoot meristems of Lathyrus sativus is under genetic control. This genetic influence is observable not only at the broader intercultivar level, but also between genotypes descended from the same cultivar. However, it is possible to achieve higher levels of morphogenetic response even in recalcitrant genotypes by using the physiologically altered explant. On activation of the dormant lateral bud meristems consequent to decapitation of the apical bud, it is possible to induce organogenesis in the tissues of all genotypes. Callus masses arising from the shoot meristems and leaf expiants of cv. ‘LSD-3’ also exhibit somatic embryogenesis which results in the development of mature plantlets under culture conditions.

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