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Host controlled modification and restriction in Bacillus subtilis

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The host controlled modification and restriction was found in Bacillus subtilis Marburg 168, Bacillus subtilis (B. amyloliquefaciens) N and H, by use of a clear plaque mutant of temperate phage ϕ 105 (ϕ 105C). This phenomenon of “modification and restriction” was similar to that found in Escherichia coli, Haemophilus influenzae and other micro-organisms. ϕ 105 carrying Marburg 168 specific modification (ϕ 105C · 168) plated on B. subtilis N and H with an efficiency of 10−5 and 10−2, respectively. ϕ 105C carrying the modification endowed by B. subtilis N (ϕ 105C · N) had an efficiency of plating on B. subtilis 168 of 4×10−2 and was not restricted by B. subtilis H. ϕ 105C carrying H specific modification (ϕ 105C · H) plated on B. subtilis 168 and N with an efficiency of 10−1–10−2 and 10−5, respectively. Modification type of ϕ 105C was determined by the last host strain and was not genetic behavior of the phage. Efficiencies of plating of Bacillus phages ϕ29 and SPP1 were not affected by the modification and restriction described in present paper.

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