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The influence and possible recombination of genotypes on the production of microspore embryoids in anther cultures of Solanum tuberosum and dihaploid hybrids


In addition to physical and chemical factors, genotype appears to be a very important factor influencing success in anther culture. Recombination by making crosses with selected responding clones has been introduced as a possible helpful method to positively influence the success and response type via the factor genotype. From the progeny of such a cross, one genotype could be selected, producing in 30 to 40 percent of the cultured anthers, fully developed embryoids and plantlets, which are a mixture of polyploids, dihaploids and monohaploids.

Further, a pleiotropic marker ‘embryo spot’ visible as a ‘nodal band’ in the plant stage, has been used to confirm the microsporic origin of dihaploids and polyploids and to prove their homozygous nature. This marker also shows potential use in confirming the origin of calli from individual microspores.

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