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An Haemophilus influenzae mutant which inhibits the growth of HP1c1 phage

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A strain of Haemophilus influenzae, called hpm - inhibits the growth of phage HP1c1 but not S2. This inhibition is overcome by HP1c1ph mutants. Phage HP1c1 adsorbs normally to hpm - cells but only a small fraction of infected cells produce phage with a normal burst size or become lysogenic. When hpm - strains lysogenic for HP1c1 are induced, 100% of the cells yield phage. There is no degradation of phage DNA after infection of hpm - cells and HP1c1 can normally grow when its DNA is introduced into hpm - by transfection. The most probable explanation is that in hpm - cells the penetration of phage DNA is blocked. The hpm - property behaves as as unstable mutation.

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