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Subconductance states of single sodium channels modified by chloramine-T and sea anemone toxin in neuroblastoma cells

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Single channel currents of chloramine-T (Chl-T) and sea anemone toxin (ATX-II) modified sodium channels were studied in neuroblastoma cells. With both substances similar subconductance states have been observed. The conductances of the sublevels were multiples of the “unit” step which was about onefourth of the most frequently occurring main conductance. Thus, the current levels observed were one fourth, half and five-fourths of the main current size. Both substances caused a slower decay of the averaged current compared to the current of the native channels. The main single-channel conductance was 15.2 pS (T=16°C) for the Chl-T and 10.8 pS (T=12°C) for the ATX-II modified channels. The channel open time was doubled by ATX-II, but was not increased significantly by Chl-T. The existence of the subconductance states suggests that the native channels may also have multiple open conformations.

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