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Glucose metabolism by brown trout peripheral blood lymphocytes

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Glucose metabolism in peripheral blood lymphocytes from the brown trout Salmo trutta has been studied. Glucose is taken up by means of a sodium-independent saturable process (K m=10.8 mmol·l-1), as well as by simple diffusion. Once within the cell, most of glucose is directed to lactate production through either the Embden-Meyerhof pathway or the hexose-monophosphate shunt. Rates of lactate formation are higher than rates of CO2 formation. Glutamine does not exert an effect on either glucose uptake or glucose metabolism. The present study provides information regarding the nature of energy sources for different cell types in salmonids.

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3-O-methyl glucose


Embden-Meyerhoff pathway


glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase




hexose monophosphate shunt


isocitrate dehydrogenase

K m :

apparent Michaelis constant


lactate dehydrogenase


modified Cortland buffer


peripheral blood lymphocytes


fructose-6-phosphate kinase


pyruvate kinase


red blood cells

V max :

maximal rate of uptake


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