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Chromosome pairing in tetraploid hybrids between Lolium perenne and L. multiflorum

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Chromosome association at first meiotic metaphase in tetraploid hybrids between Lolium perenne and L. multiflorum was compared with that in autotetraploid L. perenne. The hybrids were found to have significantly higher levels of bivalent frequency, and lower levels of multivalent and chiasma frequency. A significant increase in multivalent frequency with increasing chiasma formation was found in both groups, but the increase was much less in the hybrids. These differences in chromosome associations between the two groups must therefore reflect differences in chiasma distribution and it is suggested that the results indicate a significant degree of preferential bivalent pairing in the hybrids.

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  • Lolium perenne
  • L. multiflorum
  • Tetraploid hybrids
  • Preferential chromosome pairing