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Persistent hypercalcemia after neck exploration —An analysis of 34 cases


A retrospective analysis of 34 patients undergoing 45 re-explorations for persistent hypercalcemia is presented. Thirteen out of the 20 enlarged parathyroid glands were found at reoperation to be normally located, indicating that the initial exploration had been incomplete. A follow-up study of the reoperated patients showed that 25 (74%) were normocalcaemic. Three patients had permanent unilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve damage and 2 patients required calcium and/or vitamin D therapy. Ultrasonography was effective in the diagnosis and localisation of residual parathyroid adenoma in patients with persistent postoperative hyperparathyroidism.

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Key words

  • Persistent hypercalcemia
  • Parathyroid adenoma
  • Preoperative localization