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New species of psychrophilic acetogens: Acetobacterium bakii sp. nov., A. paludosum sp. nov., A. fimetarium sp. nov.

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Three strains of new acetogenic bacteria were isolated from several low temperature environments. Cells were gram-positive, oval-shaped flagellated rods. The organisms fermented H2/CO2, CO, formate, lactate, and several sugars to acetate. Strains Z-4391 and Z-4092 grew in the temperature range from 1 to 30°C with an optimum at 20°C; strain Z-4290 grew in the range from 1 to 35°C with an optimum at 30°C. The DNA G+C content of strains Z-4391, Z-4092, and Z-4290 was 42.1, 41.7, and 45.8 mol% respectively.

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Kotsyurbenko, O.R., Simankova, M.V., Nozhevnikova, A.N. et al. New species of psychrophilic acetogens: Acetobacterium bakii sp. nov., A. paludosum sp. nov., A. fimetarium sp. nov.. Arch. Microbiol. 163, 29–34 (1995). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00262200

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Key words

  • Acetogenic fermentation
  • Anaerobic
  • Psychrophilic
  • Psychrotrophic
  • Acetobacterium bakii
  • Acetobacterium paludosum
  • Acetobacterium fimetarium