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The gene for Klebsiella bacteriophage K11 RNA polymerase: Sequence and comparison with the homologous genes of phages T7, T3, and SP6

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We determined the nucleotide sequence of gene 1 of Klebsiella phage K11, which is a member of the T7 group of phages. The largest open reading frame corresponds to a polypeptide with 906 amino acids and a molecular weight of 100383 daltons. The deduced amino acid sequence of this polypeptide shows 71% homology to the T7 RNA polymerase (the product of T7 gene 1), 72% homology to the T3 RNA polymerase and 27% homology to the SP6 RNA polymerase. Divergent evolution was clearly most pronounced in the amino-terminal portion.

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  • Phage RNA polymerase
  • Klebsiella bacteriophage K11
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