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Paediatric meningeal tumours

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We review our experience of meningeal tumours in patients under 16 years who were treated between 1957 and 1993. These were 16 with meningiomas (median age 12 years) and 5 with poorly differentiated malignant meningeal tumours (median age 3 years). The incidence of meningeal tumours in this period was 1.62% of all CNS tumours. There were 19 supratentorial tumours (5 intraventricular), 1 tentorial and 1 cervical. Surgical excision was complete in 12 patients and incomplete in 6; in 2 patients a biopsy only was undertaken. The remaining patient had radiological diagnosis only. All 5 patients in the group with malignant poorly differentiated tumours died (median survival 5 months), confirming the aggressive nature of these lesions. Of the 16 patients with meningiomas, 4 died during follow-up but 11 of the 12 meningioma patients remaining alive had complete resections. There is a strong tendency for paediatric meningeal tumours to have a supratentorial origin and intraventricular location. The female preponderance found in adults is not evident in children. Incomplete surgical excision or focal neurological deficit at presentation was associated with poor outcome.

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