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Biochemical and genetic analysis of the nifUSVWZM cluster from Azotobacter vinelandii


Azotobacter vinelandii genes contained within the major nif-cluster and designated orf6, nifU, nifS, nifV, orf7, orf8, nifW nifZ, nifM, and orf9 are organized into at least two overlapping transcriptional units. Nitrogenase derepressed crude extracts of Azotobacter vinelandii mutant strains having individual deletions located within nifU, nifS, nifV, nif, nifZ, or nifM were examined for nitrogenase component protein activities. The results of these experiments indicated that, in A. vinelandii, the nifU, nifS and nifM gene products are required for the full activation or the catalytic stability of the nitrogenase Fe protein. Deletion of the nifV gene resulted in lower MoFe protein activity, probably resulting from the accumulation of an altered FeMo-cofactor. The nifW and nifZ gene products were required for the full activation or catalytic stability of the MoFe protein. Deletion of nijZ alone or nifM alone did not appear to affect FeMo-cofactor biosynthesis. However, deletion of both niJZ and nifM eleminated either FeMo-cofactor biosynthesis or the insertion of FeMo-cofactor into the apo-MoFe protein. Other genes contained within the nifUSVWZM gene cluster (orf6, orf7, orf8, and orf9) were not required for Mo-dependent diazotrophic growth.

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