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Nocardioform gut actinomycetes of Glomeris hexasticha Brandt (Diplopoda)

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In the gut and fresh faecal matter of Glomeris hexasticha a unique taxonomically hardly identifiable aerobic, Gram-positive nocardioform actinomycete can form sparse populations. This indigenous intestinal microbe is completely absent from or occurs only sporadically in the soil or litter of its host animal's feeding habitat. It has a very complex life cycle. Cultural-morphological and biochemical properties are more or less similar to those of the genus Promicromonospora. It differs from the latter and the members of the closely related genus Oerskovia by several characteristics, including its particular cell-wall chemical composition (diaminobutyric acid and glycine are present) and its resistance against highly specific Promicromonospora and Oerskovia phages. It can be concluded that the gut nocardioforms of the forest litter feeding millipedes represent a taxonomically heterogeneous group, the individual members (species) of which seem well-adapted partners of the individual species of Diplopoda.

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Key words

  • Glomeris hexasticha
  • Litter-feeding millipedes
  • Nocardioform gut actinomycetes
  • Cell wall composition