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Observations on egg shell formation in Hydrophitrema gigantica Sandars, 1960 (Hemiuridae: Digenea)

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This investigation was supported in part by Public Health Service Research Grant AI-05123 from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Consultant in Parasitology for NAMRU No. 2.

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Coil, W.H. Observations on egg shell formation in Hydrophitrema gigantica Sandars, 1960 (Hemiuridae: Digenea). Z. F. Parasitenkunde 25, 510–517 (1965).

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  • Malachite Green
  • Periodic Acid Schiff
  • Gland Cell
  • Polyphenol Oxidase
  • Vitelline Duct