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Analysis of a mutated phage T6 receptor protein of Escherichia coli K12

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The tsx-206 allele encodes an altered Tsx protein, Tsx-206, that can no longer function as the T6 receptor. We show here that this allele also confers resistance to the Tsx-specific phages III, H3, H8, K9, K18 and Oxl but not to colicin K. The Tsx-206 protein still mediates the efficient permeation of deoxyadenosine across the outer membrane at low substrate concentration. A host-range mutant of phage T6, T6h3.1, was isolated which can use both the Tsx-206 and the Tsx wild-type protein as its receptor. Cloning and DNA sequence analysis of the tsx-206 allele showed that the phage resistant phenotype was associated with an Asn to Tyr substitution at position 254 of the 272-residue Tsx protein.

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  • Tsx
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