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99mTc-labelling of leucocytes with 99mTc-DPO: a complex developed for myocardial imaging

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The lipophilic 99mTc-DPO complex, developed as a myocardial imaging radiopharmaceutical, was used to label leucocytes. After an incubation of 0.1 ml 99mTc-DPO (8 μg DMPE*2HCl) with mixed leucocytes in plasma, the labelling efficiency was over 70%. During incubation in 5 ml plasma, a loss of activity was found between 20% (1 h) and 35% (3 h) caused by elution. Disturbances of cell viability could not be found with the help of the chemiluminescence test. The in vivo recovery was determined in three dogs and was 45%–50% (0.5 h), 30%–36% (1 h), and 18%–24% (3 h). Autologous 99mTc-DPO-leucocytes were used on seven patients with suspected osteomyelitis, there were four true negative and three true positive results. The target/nontarget ratio determined by ROI in the positive cases was 1.8 to 2.5 at 3 h after injection.

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