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Intralymphatic infusion of interferon in patients with lymph nodal metastases from melanoma of the lower limbs


In five patients with regional lymph nodal metastases from malignant melanoma of the lower limbs, intralymphatic infusion of interferon caused a complete remission in one patient and a partial remission in two others. The remaining two patients, in whom the massive neoplastic infiltration had obstructed the inflow of the drug in the tumoural seat, were unresponsive. Since the efficacy of interferon seems to be dose-dependent, intralymphatic infusion causes the accumulation of massive quantities of the drug in the tumoural seat, thus favouring its antiproliferative action.

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Sulis, E., Floris, C. & Massidda, C. Intralymphatic infusion of interferon in patients with lymph nodal metastases from melanoma of the lower limbs. Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol. 24, 393–394 (1989).

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