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Monotonic and non-monotonic single channel open time distributions with two sequential open states


Some conditions under which kinetic schemes including two sequential open states of identical conductance will display a non-monotonic (i.e. with a deficit of short open times and a maximum at t>0) distribution of single channel open times are described theoretically. Neither a closed cyclic scheme nor exclusively irreversible transitions between states are required for non-monotonic distributions. A required condition for the schemes considered here is that all openings are to a state from which closing is not possible. It is the presence of a precursor process to channel closing that produces the non-monotonic distribution. Following each channel opening some time is required for a transition into the second open state from which all closings proceed. Simple schemes of this sort cannot provide the basis of any experimental reports of non-monotonic distributions.

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Goldman, L. Monotonic and non-monotonic single channel open time distributions with two sequential open states. Eur Biophys J 17, 1–4 (1989).

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Key words

  • Theoretical study, single channels
  • probability density function
  • monotonic and non-monotonic distributions