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A study on fibrinolysis in experimental bladder tumors

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The fibrinolytic activity in the N-butyl-N-butanol (4)-nitrosamine (BBN) induced bladder tumors in rats and normal rat bladders was investigated at cellular level by the histochemical fibrin slide technique, and the ratio of plasminogen activator and urokinase inhibitor contained in tissue was estimated by the fibrin plate method. The plasminogen activator activity in the bladder epithelium gradually decreased as the neoplastic process became established, and the cancer cells lost the fibrinolytic activity of the normal tissue from which they sprang. The ratio in the cancerous tissue was strikingly on the side of inhibitor (1:434) as compared with that in the normal tissue (1: 32). Concomitantly, a highly significant reduction of fibrinolytic activity in blood, assayed by euglobulin lysis time, was observed after the development of the carcinoma. It may be reasonable to assume that the ratio in the cancerous tissue serve for antiplasmin in the fibrinolytic system in blood. Antifibrinolysis induced with tranexamic acid had no significant effect on the incidence and growth of the bladder tumors.

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Key words

  • Experimental bladder tumors
  • urokinase inhibitor
  • fibrinolysis
  • tranexamic acid